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Experience Fortify Families

Working Towards a Brighter Future

Who We Are

Generosity, Strong Families, Vibrant Community

We are leaders in multi-family housing on the west coast. We are deeply indebted the communities we serve and our country for the many opportunities granted to us, and for a social and economic environment in which we could make the most of those opportunities. We consider it our responsibility to ensure the same opportunities for others.

What We Do

We see our role as working to dismantle barriers to equity and improve conditions so that all People can reach their full potential. That means we intend to focus on areas where we feel Fortify Families has the best opportunity to make a real impact.

Fortify Families works with and invests in existing organizations in the various areas we live and work. We prioritize donations to charities that increase equity for and inclusion of people who experience disparities because of race, education, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, finances, disability or medical reasons. We also engage in strategic communications, advocacy, mission investing and leverage — all as a way of advancing our mission

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What We do

Why we do it


We believe by contributing and creating ways for families to flourish, we can help bring livable and sustainable neighborhoods to life. By providing economic and education opportunities we strive to protect the vulnerable and those in need. For more than twenty years, Fortify Families have acted on these beliefs and we continue to be passionate and driven. We help make the difference we’re unable to provide with our own hands. Fortify Families empowers residents to make a change in their communities.

Our Mission

All of our work is framed by our commitment to dismantling barriers to equity and improving community conditions so that ALL people can reach their full potential. We know the value of providing a steady commitment to core programs and proven practices, and we also recognize the power of innovation and new ideas. We challenge ourselves and our partners to take risks and to adapt to changing community conditions and needs as they evolve. We believe that collaboration with nonprofit organizations, those they serve and other key partners and stakeholders is essential to our effectiveness. We support strategies that elevate community-based knowledge and the voices of communities experiencing disparities to shape decisions that affect them.

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Our Vision and Values

Fortify Families is committed to equity, which we define as fair access to opportunities.

We value collaboration, because partnering with organizations, people and communities allows us to collectively identify and address key needs and opportunities.

We aim for humbleness, which guides us as stewards us in all interactions with the community.

We believe in accountability and transparency, because measuring our progress ensures our investments have meaningful impact. We hold ourselves and our community partners accountable by actively monitoring, evaluating and learning.

We promote advocacy, because we recognize its crucial function as a leverage point in systems change.

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Building Relationships

We seek to partner with organizations that:

  • Share our goals and vision for change;

  • Are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in their organizations and partnerships;

  • Have a track record of effective work directly related to our funding priorities or have identified such work as a strategic and mission-aligned priority.

  • Demonstrate the administrative capacity, financial plan and organizational commitment to implement their proposed project;

  • Are committed to understanding and evaluating the impact and effectiveness of their work.

 In addition, we prioritize funding for projects that: 

  • Offer the strongest opportunities for us to further our vision and goals;

  • Address disparities and increase equity for historically under-resourced communities;

  • Represent innovative and systemic approaches to addressing the root causes of problems;

  • Will have a lasting impact by changing policies, systems and institutional practices or by building sector strength and community capacity;

  • Are based on thoughtful planning and research, including constituent involvement in defining the problem and solutions and analysis of relevant data and planning documents;

  • Leverage additional financial and in-kind resources including partnerships and community support.

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