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Who We Are

Empowerment | Collaboration | Innovation | Inclusivity | Sustainability | Adaptability | Empathy | Advocacy

Fortify Families is a nonprofit organization deeply committed to providing housing and fostering resilient communities for the most vulnerable populations. Our impactful work, primarily focused in the state of Oregon with additional projects in WA and ID, extends across the Pacific Northwest, creating positive change beyond borders. Collaborating with community partners and state agencies, we utilize our properties to offer shelter, housing, and critical services for diverse groups, including wildfire survivors, the houseless population, veterans, asylum-seeking immigrants, and refugees. Uniquely positioned with access to vital real estate assets, such as conference centers and commercial kitchens, we create sustainable hubs, addressing immediate and long-term needs. Our vision encompasses not just aid but empowerment, utilizing our competency and expansive network to build a thriving community for a brighter future.

Who We Are

What We Do

At Fortify Families, our nonprofit organization is steadfastly committed to cultivating resilience within individuals and communities. Through a spectrum of strategic initiatives and programs, we strive to address diverse needs and foster lasting positive change. Our key activities encompass:


Community Outreach: Actively engaging with communities, we raise awareness about the significance of resilience and provide support. Collaborating with local organizations, we organize events, support groups, and counseling services, ensuring individuals have access to the necessary resources to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.


Research and Advocacy: Conducting research to comprehend the factors contributing to resilience, we develop evidence-based strategies for individuals and communities. Our advocacy efforts extend to promoting policy changes and initiatives that support mental health services and cultivate resilience.


Collaborations and Partnerships: Recognizing that building resilience requires a collective effort, we collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and community stakeholders. By pooling resources and expertise, we create comprehensive programs to address the diverse needs of the communities we serve.


Empowerment and Skill-building: We empower individuals to take charge of their resilience journey by providing tools and resources for developing essential life skills. Workshops on communication, problem-solving, goal-setting, and self-care equip individuals to navigate challenges and setbacks more effectively.


Shelter, Housing, and Community Hubs: Uniquely positioned as a nonprofit entity connected to Fortify Holdings and its numerous real estate LLCs, Fortify Families gains unique access to shelter and housing facilities, substantial conference centers, commercial kitchens, and other critical real estate. In collaboration with community partners and state agencies, we utilize these facilities for immediate emergency shelter and housing needs, as well as long-term solutions for vulnerable communities. Our conference centers and commercial kitchens also serve as hubs for community partners and members, facilitating various programming, wrap-around services, case management, workforce development, on-site healthcare, vaccination facilities, and other critical community needs.


In conclusion, Fortify Families is dedicated to fostering resilience in individuals and communities through education, support, and resource provision. Through our diverse programs and initiatives, we empower individuals to overcome adversity, thrive in the face of challenges, and collectively build a more resilient future for themselves and their communities.

What We do
Our Mission
Support Group

We are dedicated to building resilience and fostering a strong community. We are committed to empowering individuals and communities to overcome challenges, adapt to change, and thrive in the face of adversity. Through our initiatives and programs, we aim to create a supportive and connected community that collectively addresses and overcomes obstacles while promoting growth and positive change. Our mission is to enhance the overall well-being and success of individuals and the communities they belong to, creating a resilient and thriving society.

Our Vision

At Fortify Families, we envision a future where resilience is a cornerstone of thriving individuals and communities. Guided by our commitment to cultivating strength and empowerment, we aspire to create a society where every person, regardless of circumstance, has the tools and support needed to overcome challenges. Through innovative programs, collaborative partnerships, and unique access to housing, shelter, and real estate resources, we see a resilient community emerging—one where individuals not only navigate adversity with grace but actively contribute to building a stronger, interconnected future. Our vision is a world where the seeds of resilience we plant today blossom into a collective triumph over life's challenges, fostering a community that flourishes and stands resilient together.

Our Vision
All Hands In

Our Values

Empowerment: Our commitment lies in empowering individuals and communities, fostering resilience through comprehensive education, accessible resources, and unwavering support.


Collaboration: We dedicate ourselves to collaboration, forging partnerships with organizations, stakeholders, and community members. Together, we create a collective impact, enhancing resilience on a broader scale.


Innovation: Embracing innovation, we seek creative solutions to the challenges of building resilience. Leveraging technology, research, and creativity, we continuously explore new and effective approaches.


Inclusivity: Committed to inclusivity, we ensure equal access to resources and opportunities for building resilience, irrespective of background. We strive for a community where everyone's unique strengths contribute to collective resilience.


Sustainability: We advocate for sustainable practices and strategies that not only build short-term resilience but also contribute to a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities.


Adaptability: Recognizing the importance of adaptability, we equip individuals and communities with the skills and tools to navigate challenges, promoting resilience in the face of changing circumstances.


Empathy: In all our endeavors, we approach our work with empathy, acknowledging and understanding the unique needs and experiences of individuals and communities affected by adversity.


Advocacy: We actively advocate for policies and systemic changes that promote resilience and address the root causes of vulnerability. Our goal is to contribute to a more resilient and equitable society through meaningful advocacy efforts.

Our Values
Building Relationships

Building Relationships

At Fortify Families, our commitment to building resilience extends beyond the services we provide; it encapsulates a dedication to fostering meaningful relationships within our community and beyond. We welcome collaboration with like-minded organizations, community partners, and state/governmental agencies, recognizing that together, we can achieve a more significant impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Engaging Community Partners:

We actively seek partnerships with community organizations that share our vision of resilience-building. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to amplify the positive impact of our programs, events, and initiatives. If your organization is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, we invite you to reach out. Together, we can create a network of support that strengthens our collective ability to overcome challenges.


Collaborating with State and Governmental Agencies:

Fortify Families values collaboration with state and governmental agencies to address systemic challenges and contribute to the development of policies that promote resilience. We welcome the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with agencies committed to creating positive change. If your agency shares our passion for building resilient communities, we invite you to connect with us. Together, we can leverage our collective strengths to make a lasting impact.


Community Members:

Individuals are at the heart of our mission. We encourage community members to reach out, share their stories, and actively participate in our programs. Whether you seek support, have ideas for collaboration, or wish to contribute to our initiatives, your involvement is vital. Connect with us through our contact form for inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to explore collaboration possibilities. Fortify Families looks forward to cultivating meaningful relationships that contribute to the collective well-being and resilience of our community.

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